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Friday, August 26, 2011

Tips For Landlords to Quickly Find Your Next Tenant

There are tell tale signs that rents could start in Dubai, in the established neighborhoods of the city to increase as early as this year. Landlords need more income from their rent in 2012 than they did in 2011. But Dubai today is a big city with thousands of properties. Landlord must take the right steps to ensure that their property does not remain vacant for long.

Vacancy periods can prove very expensive

Unlike selling a property, a property loses for rent, which remains empty is revenue each day it is empty. A few numbers in prospective landlord loses about 2% of the rental yield every week the property unoccupied by a tenant. So if you are looking for an asking price of AED 100,000 per year, with a tenant start today at AED 90,000 or search for a tenant to pay AED 100,000, but in 5 weeks time, you'll end up with the same amount of money 12 months from today. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you quickly find your next tenant:

Top tips to find your renters quickly

1.Start with your property: It is important that your property gives an impression of a neat and clean property. If the prospective tenant has the odor smell bad sanitation, do not see any signs of leaks, cracked walls or strange noises coming from the air conditioning system, it sends runs the other direction. No tenant will have any risk of leasing a property, the hidden problems. So before it shows to start, you give your property a fresh set of colors, a good, clean and have a maintenance company, a general maintenance of your AC and amend those small hairline cracks in plaster, usually caused by the small size carryout are the walls from the heat.

2.Don 't lose too much time through the pricing of your property too high: When it comes to evaluating a property, its best you leave a few reputable agents will find you an offer and, on average, rather than calling different agencies and see who sounds confident in getting you a tenant at the highest price. In order not to lose a listing, agents sometimes agree with the landlord at any price they ask for and give false promises to find them a tenant. But this will not help much, if 6 weeks have passed and you are still without tenants.

3.Make a wise choice in selecting the right agent discussion forum: Now that your property is well presented and you have a good understanding of a market value, it is time for you to choose to have a representative agent. Some landlords decide to contact each agency can get a phone number. But a word of warning, most agencies use the same property portals to promote your property and your property if all these agencies are listed, it will not win more customers, just simply give a false impression that there is a large selection in real estate like yours. There is an oversupply of properties in Dubai, and you do not want to continue to contribute to this by duplication of your own property. If tenants a lot more to offer availability to see you less. Real estate portals are primarily a search engine for real estate, as long as your property is listed once, all the tenants to search the website will be able to find your property. To help you choose an agent, the face of his best hits to the face and they are on the property. An owner of a few weeks ago arranged an open house for agents, which is a great idea. He invited representatives from various companies and after a meeting with all of them, he chose the agent felt he represented the best fit to his property. This gave him the chance to meet the agent of the face, take some time to get over the experience of the agent, and there is a chance for the agent to view the property together with the landlord and highlight the best features of the property .

4.Build confidence in your agent: I've always believed that the quickest way is to find a tenant, when agents from different companies work together. But some representatives are not convinced, in the promotion of a property they provide to other agents fear they can handle it, and close the business directly with the owner. Can solve a simple representation of the agreement between the landlord and the agent all of this and allow free agents to promote the property among other agencies who have to wait a suitable tenant.

5.Provide easy and fast access to your property: only very few properties are the first tenants that they took a view, as a result of the more customers you have the property, the faster you are visiting someone who can find a place a deposit. Give your agent a copy of the keys to the property, or you can arrange with the building security, to have a copy of the key at the reception. Most customers want to see qualities in their own convenient time and, if the agent has to be a time when all three parties, the tenant, the landlord and the agent are found, simply, only the number of inspections carried out can. Where possible, DEWA has been running for visits after dark and with the AC in the apartment will display a little more fun to make, especially during this time of year.

6.Great photos make a big difference: We recently had to perform a test on various real estate portals to attracting the interest of a property when it is compared with professional photographs without a compare lists. We found that a property with professional photos, floor plans, lots of description, highlight the best features of the property listed to listed to generate 40 times more interest from tenants the same property with limited and poor quality photos, and a weak description. Thus, in choosing an agency, take some time to see how they advertise other rental property online. Find out if the agency has the staff photographer, a substantial marketing department, and multiple channels to promote your property.
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