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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Calgary real estate sales growth leads country

Calgary is ready to take its place as the hottest housing market showed again for new Canadian data, the city last month, the country's highest year on year sales growth of MLS.

The Canadian Real Estate Association, in a report published on Tuesday, the city in 2720 MLS Sales in April said 30 per cent over the previous year. Nationwide, sales rose by 11.5 percent from April 2011.

"Calgary is still observed at a market," said economist Robert Kavcic of BMO Capital Markets, noting sales are above the 10-year average for the first time in about three years.

During the height of the fire sales, the prices are more modest gains, however, shown. CREA April survey showed the average MLS sale price in Calgary by 0.7 percent to $ 414,932, compared with 0.9 percent in Canada.

"The prices still need to gain much momentum, but supply conditions are more closely drawn over Alberta," Kavcic said.

"If oil prices stay high enough to continue to support strong economic growth and migration, could again Calgary Canada real estate hot spot to be in a short time."

Robert Hogue, senior economist at RBC Economics said that April, the third in a row "oversized" rise in Calgary, was a "clear indication that this market will eventually escape."

New listings in Calgary increased by 4.4 percent over the previous year, to 4370th In Canada, new listings increased by 4.9 per cent to 89 739.

In Alberta, sales rose by 23.5 percent in 6191, new listings increased by 2.4 per cent to 10 718 units and the average sales price rose 1.9 percent to $ 365,830.

"A number of Canadian real estate market trends in April remained intact from the previous month," said Wayne Moen, president of CREA.

"Trends in Vancouver and Toronto are still apart. These two housing markets have a significant impact on national statistics."

In Toronto, sales of 10 350 in April by 14.5 percent over the previous year and the average sales price rose 8.4 percent to $ 517,556. Sales in Vancouver by 13 percent and the average price fell by nearly 10 percent to $ 735,315.

"Was, it bears repeating that the national average price distorts higher last spring by a record level high-end home sales in the most expensive district of Vancouver, and that a repetition of this phenomenon was not expected this year," said Gregory Klump, chief economist at CREA .

Klump warned against too much in the national retail price figures.

"Netting Vancouver the national average price calculation gives a 4.9 per cent compared to last year," he said.

"Netting out of Toronto ... Leaving Vancouver, a 2.2 percent decline produced over the previous year. Netted both Vancouver and Toronto, leading to an increase of 3.1 percent ... the bottom line at a modest price growth in this matter midst balanced market conditions in much of the rest of Canada. "

Diana Petra Mala, an economist at TD Economics said the Canadian housing demand is likely to remain a persistently low interest rates 2012th

"Still, the growth in property prices and sales are likely to be limited, since the over-valuation has led to a deterioration of affordability," said Petra Mala.

"We expect the Canadian housing market to remain relatively flat next year with home prices to rise just two percent this year after gains of seven percent in each of the last two years."
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How to Buy a Short Sale?

A short sale is the process by which homeowners can sell their house for less money than they actually owe on the mortgage market. A short sale can keep a good alternative to bankruptcy or foreclosure for homeowners who can not afford, to pay his or her mortgage to be.

Often, to avoid the substantial costs of foreclosure, the lender a short sale and homeowners around the house for less than the outstanding mortgage to sell balance approved, but the apartment is to be in the pre-foreclosure stage (delinquent on of the outstanding mortgage). For more information about what is a short sale, please read Google Real Estate Articles What is a Short Sale?

Buying a Short Sale Process
The seller signs a contract with a real estate agent listing a short sale subject to a third party (bank / lender) approval
The seller finds a buyer, or vice versa, an offer is less than the outstanding mortgage amount does
The seller accepts the offer of the buyer to purchase the property, but the contract is effective depends on the bank / lender 's approval (unless the short sale is already pre-approved).
The seller's bank / lender approves the contract between the buyer and seller
The transaction is completed when the buyer has the means, the lender a lien on the house and the seller delivers the deed
The decline in market value of property below the total debt owed on the property does not mean that the owner qualifies automatically for a short sale. Banks / Lenders take several factors into account in determining whether it will allow a short sale to occur. The mortgage must be delinquent in order to check for a bank / lender a short sale.

Often the seller will guarantee a short sale, short sale that is "ready to go", but this is often not the truth. If the short sale price is already approved, may be buying a short sale is a long, tedious process.

Buying a Short Sale: Contingent
A short sale can not occur without the approval of a bank. If the bank / lender is not the product of short sale contract, the contract will not be valid (even if the buyer and seller agree on!). A well-known condition for the transfer of ownership is indeed a clean, free from defects and liens.

If fact, it has a lien on it, must be deleted before the lien of a deed transfer. This is the reason why approve the bank / lender / lien holder must be a short sale before a transfer can take place the property owner.

Can a family member, you buy a Short Sale?
A short sale is to occur at an "arm length" transaction. This means that one should not buy your family member, a short sale from you without proper disclosure, but this does not mean that it occurs. According to the report CoreLogic, Short Sale Fraud most likely occurred in ~ 2% of all 2010 U.S. Short Sales. Increase as U.S. housing prices decline and their short sales in the second half of 2011 continued the upward trend continues Short Sale Fraud its course. For more information about Short Sale Fraud, Google Real Estate Short Sale read the article by fraud.

In several cases, a family member has a Short Sale Buy from another family member. Then the short sale within a week (or earlier), sold to the original owner, for an amount less than what was his or her outstanding mortgage before the short sale. If a family member of a Short Sale Buys, the family member is usually a different last name to mask the relationship between the buyer and the seller.

If a family member buys a short sale of another family member, this is not a "market" transaction. Legally, the fact that the buyer is a short sale of a family member at the Bank are disclosed, prior to receiving approval of the Bank. In reality, this means not always occur, and many people get away with it because it is very difficult for the bank / lender every short sale that occurs to examine, to ...

Before you buy a family member with a Short Sale you, pull you consult a real estate lawyer for advice. He or she will probably recommend that you disclose the familial relationship to the bank / lender, prior to the receipt of the bank / lender approval. After this publication, the bank / lender does not approve rather to "SPOTLIGHT" or the short sale transaction at all.

How to Buy a Short Sale Summary

Often the seller will guarantee a short sale, short sale that is "ready to go", but this is often not the truth. If the short sale price is already approved, may be buying a short sale is a long, tedious process.

I have personally made several reasonable offers to various short sales in Florida. These were not pre-approved short sales, and the bank / lender never responded to my offer (it was 2 years now). When buying a short sale, be prepared to endure a rather long, tedious process. While this is not always the case, in my opinion, it is the norm ...

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VA Loan Limits 2011

The Department of Veterans Affairs Loan Guaranty program for real estate help write no maximum amount that an eligible veteran may borrow using a VA guaranteed loan. Nevertheless, the following county borders are used to calculate the VA maximum guarantee amount for a particular circuit. The VA loan limits for all loans closed first January 2011 to 30 September 2011. To fiscal year 2012 county loan limits made ​​available as soon as possible. The maximum amount of guarantee (for loans over $ 144,000) is 25 percent of the 2011 VA loan limits shown. Thus, a veteran with full entitlement available to borrow up to the VA loan limits for 2011 and VA will guarantee shown below, 25 percent of the loan amount. If a veteran has a claim that is not restored before use, the maximum warranty will be reduced to the amount available for this veteran accordingly. The lender should be is their own requirements on the investor guarantees and deposits. Questions about VA loans in a particular district can the VA Regional Loan Center for a list of the county are addressed.

NOTE: In all other counties as listed below, is the VA loan limit for 2011, $ 417,000.

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STCOUNTYVA Loan Limit 2011Regional Loan Center

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Should I Buy A Duplex?

A duplex is a great investment, or your worst nightmare be .... There are several things to note before you have to entertain the question, I need a duplex?

Why are you buying a duplex?
If the duplex for investment purposes only?
Have you or any member of your family are planning to rent to live in half of the duplex and the other half?
What is the interest rate of the duplex?
Do I have a duplex? Well, the answers to the questions above to determine whether buying a duplex is the best decision for you and your family.

Is a duplex a good investment?

A duplex can be an excellent investment, but like all real estate, it depends on the return. Every investor is unique, and each investor will have his or her cap rate requirements. The higher the cap rate, the more attractive real estate investment.

For most investors, a duplex is an attractive property investment, because investors may use part or all of his or her mortgage payments subsidize. These investors buy a duplex with the intention of living in one half of the duplex, and they plan to rent out the other half of the duplex. The rent from the tenants who may live in the other half of the duplex obtained in whole or in part, to pay most or all of the mortgage payment on the entire duplex.

If you are considering buying a duplex, living in half of them, and letting the other half, there are some things you should know:

Know your tenant
Remember, the last thing you want to see when you got home from work a bad tenant owes you rent. This will drive you crazy!
Make sure that the duplex, the walls paper thin, not
Remember, a duplex of a common wall (or ceiling / floor). Listen to the industry every step can be annoying very quickly ... and vice versa.
Make sure that your estimated mortgage payments and expenses are taken into account in taxes, insurance, maintenance, landscaping, etc.. If you are looking to subsidize your mortgage payment with a duplex, you should at least ensure that you know what your expenses will be!
Do I have a duplex: the figures
The estimate of income and expenses is the key when investing in real estate. The same thing goes with duplexes. Be sure to read the following articles from Google Real Estate, make sure you fully understand key metrics and real estate investment how to calculate it:

Do I have a duplex? Conclusion

There is no definitive answer to this question, because the intangible assets of investor to investor may be different. It all depends on the individual ranking of expectations, experiences, plans for the future, risk tolerance and liquidity needs. The purchase of a duplex can be an exciting, profitable and wise investment, but it can also be troublesome, illiquid, and annoying.

Research, research, research before making an investment in real estate, and think about what is included in this article, if you ask yourself, do I need a duplex?
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Real Estate Prices and Unemployment

Real estate prices are always a strong correlation with the U.S. unemployment rate. Over time, as the United States, which is at full employment (5% or less unemployment), housing prices in terms of better times higher unemployment have done. This relationship between housing prices and unemployment in the United States has everything to do with demand for housing.

June Unemployment Rate: 9.2%
The latest unemployment report in June showed a very small gain of 18,000 jobs in the United States included. That was far below expectations, and the U.S. unemployment rate rose to 9.2%. After combing through the entire unemployment report, there is no better word to the unemployment report in June 2011 other than "pathetic" to describe. If the U.S. unemployment rate continues to disappoint, the relaxation will be extended to you in real estate prices even further.

Why Unemployment affects real estate prices
The unemployment rate affects the real estate prices, especially on the demand side of the real estate economy. Most home buyers need a mortgage to finance the purchase of a house. In order to obtain a loan, lenders require that thes homebuyers to meet certain income to debt ratio, keeping stable employment, unemployment, etc. With such a large percentage of the U.S. population, this eliminates many potential buyers from the housing market. Even if people are unemployed, the last thing they tend to be about buying a new home or making a large investment to make in real estate concerns.

In economics, when supply exceeds demand, prices will fall. And conversely, if demand exceeds supply (think of the real estate boom) exceeds, to raise prices. Given the high U.S. unemployment rate of 9.2% and the large amount of shadow inventory expected to flow through the pipeline, the future of U.S. housing prices do not look so bright.

Housing prices and unemployment: Conclusion

The first step on the road to recovery for the U.S. real estate prices have improved in the U.S. labor market. Without the creation of jobs, real estate demand will continue to be a problem. Although the U.S. government trying to help a substantial amount of money to improve the labor market has moved, it has apparently been in vain.

If the U.S. unemployment rate does not improve the image below is a perfect example for the future of property prices.

Another informative article on Google Real Estate.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Real estate Marketing Tips For Small Developers

Despite the market weakness and high competitiveness among the "Big Boys" in the Indian residential real estate, smaller builders of residential projects, quiet corner of a healthy market share. It's all a matter of knowing which league to play, and how to play.

For starters, such a developer in the best position within their means to build. Smaller builders often do not have the luxury of picking and choosing locations for their projects. When she stuck with a less-than-optimal situation, they can compensate by their project is a milestone in the area. This means strengthening its marketability with better equipment and sweetening the deal with competitive rates. If you can not get into the big league, you can still try to be the best in the Little League. Buyers are always looking for the best available in each budget area.

Brand Clout

It is difficult to compete with high profile 'brand' name. Without doubt, a developer with many advantages resulting from its brand and brand image. It is automatic under the batons of renowned experts in the field, exerts more influence within financial institutions and to create higher prices for its residential projects. However, a brand is not to come out of nowhere - a renowned developer projects are selling well on the basis of reliable construction, imaginative design, the provision of desirable amenities, good project locations and honesty in dealing.

In view of this should be a smaller developers to integrate their projects into so many elements of the brand formula, without having to concentrate on building a "brand" fixed. It should be recalled that based in the residential real estate arena, a developer image is often as well to sell their projects. First, should that be the focus.

Instead the aim of taking on the big boys on their own turf, a smaller developer to build an image that stands for good quality at reasonable prices. Initially, this may mean lower prices at the initial projects, rather than lose customers. It may mean agreeing to payment terms, which are themselves more with the convenience of the customer as the builder.

While established developers have an advantage with the sale of its projects, can create a smaller, new developers beat the odds, even if his project in the same locality tells of a great name. He can do this by a certain level of service that most other developers would not even consider rendering. This could mean reducing the time needed to complete the legal formalities of making a purchase, and innovative payment methods.

Creative pricing strategies
Innovative financial structuring systems are tailored to meet the needs of customers, and are a valid and effective method of adding real value to a changing world of home ownership market dynamics. Some of the arrangements that are made in the past:

- Offering customers the option of renting an apartment to a minimum monthly rent, along with a specified payment and a three-year vesting period, with the option to purchase the rented home at a later date. If the purchase is made, the payments will be treated as advance payments. This leaves the occupier of the flat, to either continue on a rental basis or for a flat they have grown familiar at a time when the charges were dropped inferences Buy on a rational level.

- Taking a deposit on under-construction homes in the builder of the ongoing projects and provide back pay, the difference between the current and future market prices, the market should correct at a later date.

- Provides a portion of the interest rate for purchasers of home loans for one year, subject to a vesting period of three years to shoulder.

Such innovative financial structuring deals have been proven to promote the absorption of existing inventory and provide increased bookings in under-construction projects.
The personal touch

On a more general note, a small developer benefited considerably by extending a personal touch. Instead of delegating requests to subordinates, he can use calls personally, his personal e-mail id, to answer emails and take time out to explain some of the technical details of the property market to potential customers. Buyers react positively to such personal attention from a developer.

There is no surefire, catchall modus operandi is concerned as far as success in the housing market. It might work in this way some of the time, but not always. Special situations require special measures. In any critical situation, marketing, the solution lies in "lateral thinking" - an opportunity, with clearly different approaches.

Professional Marketing
If there are no formulas for marketing and sales prove effective, professional real estate consultant can get around the fortunes of smaller developers through creative and innovative ideas to make. Once the term "thinking out of the box understood ', an effective ideas for most eventualities cope with market development and implementation - often with dramatic consequences.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Toronto housing market - Canada

TORONTO - Five months after buying a new condominium Toronto luxury hotels, Oliver Baumeister is surrounded by a glut of suites like his to hit the market as the biggest names in the business of hundreds of hotel open units in the largest city in Canada.

Baumeister, himself a real estate agent, is in no hurry to sell. When the market untested Toronto for the life of five-star condo absorbs excess - say in 2016 - he intends to discharge its sky high unit for a tidy profit of 20%, and the search for his Canadian real estate next investment.

"A lot of it sit for a while and it will take time to sell," said Baumeister, who was purchasing condominiums in Toronto with his brother for the last four years.

"But we bought it with the conviction that the Toronto market condo hotel definitely has a future. When we sell, we hope ... we will see a profit of 20%."

The model of ultra-fine attached condos to luxury hotels is not new - cities like Hong Kong and New York are full of them.

But Toronto, a relatively small city condo without a five star hotel a year ago, came at the end of the match, but with a vengeance.

At the end of this summer in Toronto will be four of these projects, such as Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Trump and Shangri-La opened massive towers in a city where a red market for all types of housing has been a growing concern real estate bubble.

The towers of granite and glass, including two of the tallest residential buildings in Canada, are opening in rapid succession, adding hundreds of hotel rooms and more than a thousand condominiums hype as the Canadian housing hits its peak.

Signs of success are mixed. None of the four projects, including the condos has cost just under $ 1 million to $ 28 million, sold, and the push by developers to sell their remaining shares before a resale market has started in the sensation a bomb.

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TOP 5 Australia’s property and real estate websites List

1. Real estate.com.au
Australia’s biggest and best real estate and property listing No. 1 real estate siteReal Estate Directory

2. Domain.com.au
Real Estate for Sale, Rent and Share @ Domain.com.au 
Real estate @ Domain.com.au. Houses and apartments for sale or rent all over Australia. Compare home loan

3. Reiwa.com.au
Real Estate & Property in Perth & Western Australia. Homes for Sale, Rental Properties, Land for Sale, Real Estate Agents, & Real Estate data, FAQ’

4. Suburbview.com
Suburb View searches the Suburbs you want, from Australia’s Largest Real Estate sites. Search for your Suburb and if any Real Estate listings are found

Search 200000+ real estate listings, homes for sale, rental properties, land for sale and holiday accommodation rentals from 4000 real estate agents on

Australian  Individual Real estate websites

Some other top agencies with their own real estate websites are Ray white  , LJ Hooker , eldersrealestate.com.au , harcourts.com.au , mcgrath.com.au , raineandhorne.com.au  and remax.com.au.

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Information and picture Source From http://www.australianpropertymarket.com.au
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House prices in Lima - Peru

The Peruvian housing market has quickly from the global crisis, emerged as the economy. In July 2010, GDP was up 9.05% over the same period last year, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

In the second quarter of 2010, the average price of homes sold in Lima Metropolitan Area increased by 4.4% to 293,585 PEN (U.S. $ 105,228) from the previous quarter, according to the advice TINSA Peru.

The average selling price of apartments is expected to increase by up to 8% in 2010, according to Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) Research.

Land prices have in recent years the amount. In the first quarter of 2010, land prices rose by 8% over the previous year, according to the Peruvian Chamber of Construction (CAPECO).

Sales of existing homes are expected to rise even further in the coming months, driven by strong economic growth, rising employment and recovery of private investment. In addition, the demand for housing is predicted to grow in the medium term, with rising income is mortgage financing more available, and the population in middle age (30 to 40 years) continues to expand.

Foreigners can freely property in Peru. Real estate investments do not require prior approval by the governments with the exception of properties near the boundaries. Foreigners, but probably not attracted to buy in Peru.

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