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Friday, June 1, 2012

Nicholas Cage Now Selling His Real Estate Properties

Nicholas Cage was one of the top five of the biggest earners Hollywood actors in recent years. His previous pay packet is about 26 million pounds. He had only fifteen palace like houses all over the world. Aside from all the house, he also packs four yachts, an island in the Bahamas, a private jet worth millions, art and jewelry, sports cars and he yearned for a collection of withered heads and dinosaur Schädel.

In a sudden turn of fate of injected, Nicholas Cage out on all the luxury trappings fame. Recently, the award winning actor experience humiliation faced by many ordinary people into financial breakdown. Its houses were once owned genommen.

Nicholas Cage - the star of blockbusters like Con - Air, Bad Lieutenant and Leaving Las Vegas was known for his bad real estate investments when it comes to buying over - cheap properties. He was then forced to foreclose and sell at a big loss or to cover other debts. According to reports, it's a bad business decision. He is now suing his manager, Samuel Levin, accusing him of undressing in court papers to bring his fund of several million dollars in business management fees, while Cage on a path toward financial Zerstörung.Air, Calif., formerly of Tom Jones and Dean was one.

After dropping millions behind his mortgage payments, has not found Cage in a buyer who is willing to pay his £ 27 million asking price for the extension of Tudor estate in Bel succeeds Tony Martin. After a few days, its creditors will not even $ 7 million of them on a Auktion.

Its not the first property of Cage had to be withdrawn, as its funds have in recent months unraveled. His Las Vegas mansion which he bought for $ 8.5 million of September, 2006, only about $ 4 million in November last year, was sold at a foreclosure sale in 2010 and two more accommodation in New Orleans, including the Haunted Mansion Lalaurie, that he bought in 2007 for a total of £ 4 million sold last November 2009.

Its properties in Somerset was brought into the market. The £ 3.8 townhouse in Bath was also sold at a loss to March 2010. The vast mock Gothic folly Midford Castle, which he bought for £ 4.75million three years ago went on sale at a cut-rate £ 3.5 million.

Being the youngest of Cage's house to sell its 272 hectares is lovely property in Middleton, Rhode Iceland. The villa is a large renovated 12 rooms and all the accessories such as tennis court, pool, gym, fish pond and much more. In 2007 Cage bought the home for $ 15.7 million and now it is $ 6.2 million sale price. It is a loss of 60% on the price.

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