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Monday, August 8, 2011

Hidden Camare Exposed By Two Women Bulgarian Students

I've always felt that it is surprising that more examples of spy cams in the rental houses are not more often. The latest event that I have come across is pretty amazing though. Two Bulgarian students who came to Tampa found my apartment after living there for a couple of months is littered with spy cams.

Cams smoke and motion detectors connected to a wireless router and then sent to an unknown party, as were hidden. Thinking that since these two girls were very attractive and some modeling work, some images may end up on porn sites.

Late Monday, two Bulgarian women hidden camera in their apartment search. Bulgarian students fear that their every move and now - years of sleep - may have been transmitted over the Internet.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office detectives say the checks and some equipment has been recovered and are following several leads.

However, the episode about the middle of Tuesday night, a report appeared on Bay News 9 and Wednesday morning when the detective returned, some of the electronic equipment was removed, said sheriff's spokesman Larry McKinnon.

Women did not answer their doors Wednesday, but said Tuesday in an interview with Bay News 9 that a key to his landlord's apartment.

Sheriff's Office refused to name any suspects. Tampa Bay through the dot com

My advice for those renting the apartment, the apartment is through a walk sometimes. Apartments in smoke detectors and any other equipment, check the wire.

The odds of this happening are very long, but the reality is that micro-technology and spy equipment, making the conversion very difficult to find these cameras.
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