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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Make Money as a Freelancer?

Hey Friends & Respected all my visitors, Are you Finding Ways to Make Money from Home as a Free Lancer? Then you are on perfect place. Let me teach you that how to make money as a freelancer today.

First of all, you all know that in these days there are uncountable fake sites to cheat visitors and internet users. So, it is difficult to find real or trusted website that pay for our work over the internet in these days among thousands of fake websites.

 For this Solution I m going to share my earning Secret site, where I m earning around 10000 USD per month as my extra income during handling my IT business.

How to Make Money as a Freelancer?

Thousands of people seeking online jobs and projects to make money online, so the best place to do this Freelancer.com, where you will discover hundreds of jobs and project according to your ability of work. This website is the most trustworthy website for making money online and a grand website to show your ability. Here a lots of superior professionals who require your skills. I have more than 2 years of experience with this freelancing site and till date I had done around 600 hundred Projects on “Freelancer.com”. So, I would like to share my all experience of freelancing work here with you for making extra income from home. And yes don’t forget you can use it as business too, because also I have 1 year of experience of this website after leaving my last job in 2011. Before 1 year ago when I had start work online as a freelancer and when I start to research on Google, I got 46, 300, 000 results on goggle, so question was that which site is trustable or not fake? And after my total experience of all sites I got most trustable site freelancer.com.

Now let me tell you something about Freelancer.com:

  • Its world’s most largest and influential outsourcing and crowdsourcing online marketplace for small business and freelancers guys.
  • More then 5, 515, 015 employers and freelancers from all over the world, around from 250 small and big countries.
  • Daily 4000 New Projects
  • Around 5,00,000 Verified Freelancer
  • Daily Users Earning 70 Million US Dollars

There are 3 Most trendy Ways to Make Money through Freelancer.com

1. Online Freelancing Work:  its first and most popular way to make money on freelancer.com. Here you just need to find your required work by your skill and applied for it. Now you will be notified when you will be qualified for job.

Means, you need to bid for the various jobs which are posted by different employers and now when employers accept your bid, you will get your job and income. Done the job and gets paid and start to walk on way of success with online money making.

When you done your first job, it’s time to get positive review on your profile from your employers. Your employers will give review and after getting these positive reviews, thousands of other employers will come to you to give you jobs and many other business opportunities.  As this way you can get more and more jobs.

Employers would be prepared to offer you higher payment provided because you are professional worker and providing quality work. You will never get facility to get feedback on other freelancing sites, but you get it with lifetime, they will never erase your profile.

Further more than money you get noticed as an expert I your field and a man to contact. Stories of your excellent work travels far and wherever you go you are not going to get any dearth of admirers.

You have many choices for job category like IT, Software, Mobiles Phones, Computing, writing, design, media, architecture, data entry, admin, engineering, science, product sourcing, business accounting, human resources, legal & many others. And this all are for free, no any joining fees. 

2. Affiliate Program:  Affiliate Program of Freelancer.com is amazing one and it’s for everyone for free without any joining fees and any charges. If you have a website or blog or any online pages you can place advertisement banners of freelancer.com.  Now when someone goes to this site through your referral link, and for this reference you can make money.
If you have not blog or website then don’t worry, just go to your social networking accounts and share it within your friends circle, ask them join it and its benefit. Also for this reference you can make money.

For this you don’t need to do much work. Just go to freelancer.com and choose confirmable banner for your site or blog or any online pages, and get one small affiliate link, which is very simple to edit on site or blog. It will take around 10 minutes to start with all process. You have done.  You can say your friends directly to join under your referral link after saying its benefits. That’s it, so simple.

Here both methods are so easy and simple to do. Now, when you want to make some extra pocket money? But now freelancer.com has amazing contest system to earn thousands of dollars within few days, let me explain you about it.

Cash Prizes with Online Contests

There are a numbers of contests posted on freelancer.com everyday and every hour, where you have an opportunity to make extra income. In this types of contest there are many clients creating offers inviting all the freelancers to contest. This Contest is specially designed for logos, websites, banners ad, business cards, graphic design and videos. After submitted your project, you can win money online. So as this way its help you to show your skill and to learn more from other experts on open stage competition. Mainly you don’t have to create bids or stay to be approved by group member. But, you should be aimed at what is demanded by clients. So, read carefully “VIEW BRIEF” overview first.
I know there are many sites offers these types of online contest but freelancer.com is providing projects on amazing price rates as bellow. 

  • Logo Design ($145 to Start)
  • Website Design ($245 to Start)
  • Banner Ad Design ($95 to start)
  • Business Cards ($95 to start)
  • Graphic Design ($50 to start)
  • Video ($145 to start)

Print Design
  • Print & Packaging ($145 to start)
  • Advertisements ($95 to start)
  • Flyer ($145 to start)
  • Brochure ($145 to start)
  • T-Shirt ($70 to start)

Website Design
  • Website Design ($245 to start)
  • Banner Ads ($95 to start)
  • Wordpress ($245 to start)
  • Twitter Background ($145 to start)
  • Icon or Button ($70 to start)

Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design ($50 to start)
  • Photoshop ($145 to start)
  • App Design ($195 to start)
  • Illustration ($95 to start)
  • Cartoon ($95 to start)

Corporate Identity Design
  • Logo ($145 to start)
  • Stationery ($95 to start)
  • Business Cards($95 to start)

  • Video ($145 to start)
10 Easy Steps to create an account OR Start Work on Freelancer.com

So now you are ready to make money with smart way of income. So, just choose your expertise level, means in which firm you are expert to do work. 

  1. Go to www.freelancer.com
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Fill up the necessary fields. And remember don’t use a fake email id because it is the only method to mark out you and to show yourself. Don’t offer fake information otherwise you may suffer in future when you need to withdraw funds.
  4. Choose one option between three option as bellow:

  5. I. Looking to hire
    II. Looking for work
    III. Looking for both hire and work
  1. Check that one small button to get email notification or announcement of relevant projects by freelancer.com
  2. Now if you want to get more facilities to get more project OR bids and extra facilities then use gold membership otherwise don’t worry you can uncheck that button and go further process without Gold Membership. So, it’s not compulsory.
  3. Click on Join Now
  4. Freelancer.com has sent one email to your given mail id. So, check your email box for verify your email ID.
  5. Next go to your profile page and update your profile with photo, name or etc info.
  6. Go to My Qualification. And choose that qualification where you are great. Don’t go for any qualification on which meadow you have no education. Because the educational info will be added to your home profile and a clients will see your qualification earlier than hire you for a work. So, it’s very significant. You can choose limited 25 qualifications.  You can modify your qualification maximum 10 times a month. Now fill all other fields as much as possible with real information in such a way that looks specialized and express clear plan about you and your service.

Terms & Condition: Ok now let’s talk about some rules and regulation of freelancer.com. don’t worry that it has a strict rules, yes it has but not for professional workers but only for spammers who don’t know real way of work and professionalism of official working methods and try to hurt original professional workers profiles and their image at online carrier. So, when you go to start work on freelancer.com then just read it first time and start your work with smart mind.


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