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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top Ideas - Interior Lighting - Multiple Strobes

1. Set the ISO to 400 - this gives you much more leeway with the lightning.

2. Set the aperture f/6.3 to look like a good starting point. With wide angle lenses, DOF is not really a problem.

3. Make you set the shutter for the window. Generally are "blown out" for a window effect is working 1/80th or slower. To bring in a complete view, select your camera up to the maximum flash sync speed (usually 1/250th) and then start stopping down the aperture. Once the windows are properly ... exposed ..

4. Add a light off to one side or the other of the camera. Bouncing off a wall or wall / ceiling joint results in a much larger apparent light source, and thus gives softer shadows. But to look for hot spots! In particular, reflections in windows, mirrors and display cases are problematic. Hot spots on the ceiling are also common, but can relatively easily dodged / burned out when the lights are not new positions.

5. Flash power settings are very different depending on the lighting in the room, the size of rooms, etc.

6. Most wall colors are good for light bounced off with no noticeable color cast. However, lead to deep, rich colors will tint the light she jumps. In these situations, an umbrella or reflector is very useful.
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  1. This one becoming a new trend of LED light. Can you please suggest which LED best suit for may 20x15 bed room ? My room color is mix of cream and white.

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