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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Real Estate Lead Generation

In providing real estate education, I've asked many times by agents: "How do I get short sale list appears?" Well, there are more than one way to get them. At the moment I'm just going to focus on is perhaps the easiest way to get short sale list.

The answer is the working database of people you recommendations for distressed homeowners. Since you have a relationship with your database, it is much easier to trust those in your database for you enough to refer to desperate homeowners to you. The people already in your database relationships with those they know are struggling with their mortgages. You have done the work for you already. This effective than other methods to get short sale leads is because you end up with less contact people before you get a short sale listing.

So, why is that? When you contact a homeowner in need directly, they automatically have a thick wall around itself to that disconnect before they even begin to hear your message, no matter how big your message is really for them.

So here is what you will do to actually carry out these. First, looking distressed homeowners short sale referrals from your past customers, even if you are not contacted her in a while. Second, because there are so many distressed homeowners, make sure a good portion of the content you are sending to your database are struggling homeowners. This may be information about foreclosure prevention seminars, tax and legal implications of foreclosure and short sales, pieces of the foreclosure and / or short sale process, and whatever else you can think of.

Make sure you keep the information to send you brief and focused on one thing at a time. This way you always have useful content to your database over time to send. Remember always the person at the info with someone they know who may benefit divide. Your goal is to tell you that the source of relief for distressed homeowners. Convey that you know the answers and know how to get answers to. Also, make sure to share it with them when they are certified pre-foreclosure or short sale. This may result in an e-mail or phone call by saying: "You know, I have a pre-foreclosure Specialist Certification The reason why I tell you, so you know who to find your friends and family if they , are struggling to pay their mortgage. I advise homeowners with accurate information so that they can make the best choice. "

You see, your approach is not to tell someone to sell their house right away. The most desperate homeowners do not want to sell their homes as a solution to their problem, and if the people on another, you want to reference it must also know that you do not plan to tell others right away, selling her to home. If you have given good information, will make the distressed homeowners in general, the decision to sell their home on their own, without any persuasion from you.

You want to communicate with your database that you are an experienced consultant distressed homeowners. Doing these things clear up and prepare your database to give you referrals of distressed homeowners. They have more dates to get more listings, and more people. I'm more real estate education for the appointment with a distressed homeowner in another article.
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