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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Orange County Real Estate Prices Holding Steady

With all the talk of "double dip" in property prices and the "second major recession," the real estate prices in Orange County, California have holing up rather well. We have tracking home and apartment prices in Orange County since 1999, and we use the average price per square foot compared with the simple median or average house prices is the price per square foot indicator much more accurate and is not prone to inaccuracies due to changing home buying habits of the general public. Also, our prices per square statistics to a specific area of the house sizes and certain non-cash benefits such as cities in Central and South Orange County, others are limited to get a better measure of the movement in house prices in a given geographical area.

The graph shows the average price per square foot for both detached and attached condominiums in central and south Orange County. As you can see, since the prices are holding relatively quiet now since the spring of 2009. In the last six months there has been a small dent by around 10% of condominiums, and 8% for single family homes, and it seems that this little glitch may also show signs of stabilization. Total single-family homes prices have not dropped by about 30% of the peak in the summer of 2006. Condos for the price by roughly 43% since 2006 "from peak in pricing.
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