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Friday, August 12, 2011

Screening Tenant Applicants

Whenever you are looking to switch up your tenants, you want to make sure you understand exactly what means screening your tenants. Landlords are usually the ones who are under a great risk when someone they can live in their home, without really and truly knowing the person. Well - I can ensure that there are a few things you want to make sure that you are doing before you sign a lease to tell.
First, we always want to make sure that you keep it legal. If you do not have a lawyer to ensure that you get one, so make sure that everything is what is happening in the lease or even what looks like a qualified tenant. It's also a good way to prove that you can not discriminate against anyone.

Next, make sure you check with the previous owner - the landlord if they treated badly, chances are they are going to do the same with you. Not to read credit report. As we know, there might be some mistakes, not to read too much into it. Finally, to regulate, not just for everybody, you find the right tenant for you.
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