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Friday, June 1, 2012

Rent vs Buying a Home


Buy & Sale

1. Build equity as an owner, you are the one who get the advantage of obtaining capital. Since you are the one who is paying for the mortgage, then you can get the value of your home in return. In fact, equity will increase over time and as long as you pay your monthly payments.

2. Freedom to do what you want, you may have the opportunity to personalize your home, what do you want it to be. Since you are the owner, you can modify and customize your home to your needs and desires. You are free to do whatever you want to look your house and do not need permission to ask someone. In addition, you can win a sense of pride because you own a home.


1. Expensive Of course, as you buy a home, you are the one who have to pay in-charge all mortgage loans as property taxes, insurance costs and certain additional costs such as maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

2. Less flexibility, you can not just move to another location. It takes time to leave your home and another house near to the desired position. You need to sell your house to get a new one. In contrast to rent, you can easily escape the house and into another area.

3. In-charge to home care Yes, you are the owner, you are responsible for the maintenance of your house. If something broke on your home, you are the one who will fix it. And you're the one who pays for needed a few things for the house. All financial matters will come from you. Unlike tenants, is all you need to contact the landlord, and he is the one that it be for you. No need to pay anything.

Finally, you better choose the right life for you. Hopefully this will help the pros and cons of renting and buying a home to decide. You should be wiser enough to know what is best for you. Follow what you feel is right for you. Buying a home can be expensive, but at least it is your home. If you are looking for a property, there is a best place to live in Batangas, Philippines, which is Pontefino Residences.

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